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Understanding Salvation

Understanding Salvation

whore of babylon

Who is the Whore of Babylon?

Babylon Rising

Babylon Rising

four horsemen

Who are the 4 Horsemen of Apocalypse?


Signs of The End of Time

torah scroll

Why Study the Torah?


Ministry of the Holy Spirit

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The Love and Heart of God

Who is Yeshua?

Who is Israel?

God's People are Still in Exile (Egypt)

Truth Has Consequences

My Journey in Messianic Faith

From Freedom to Servitude

The Eurabia Code

The Remnant... who are they?

Patriachalism... what is it?

Time of Jesus' Birth... not Christmas

Christian Misunderstanding of Messianic Faith

Torah... The "Tree of Life"

Why is Paul so hard to understand?

The Magog Factor

The Hidden Ones

The Revealing of the Sons of God

Nothing Withheld... as in the Days of Noah

End time discussion questions

History... Accidental or Conspiratorial

Charlottesville... Conspiracy of Darkness

The Examination of Truth

The Seed & its Fruit-PDF

Until The Seed Should Come-PDF

Hineni: Behold, Here Am I

Sodom & Gomorrah on Steroids

Christian Faith and the Sabbath

Israel- The Land and the People

Does Your Church Teach What Jesus Taught?

Why we Study the Torah

Torah, the Heart, and Deception

The Sound of Truth

Hearing the Voice of God-Monte Judah

The Shariah Threat

Muslim Brotherhood's Founder

Muslim Birthrate Jihad

Israel or "Palestine"??

Jerusalem and International Law

The Rainbow Swastika

The Hertiage of Abraham

A Time for Wheat... A Time for Tares

Seven Guidelines to Understanding Paul's Letters

The Hebrew Roots of Your Faith-PDF

Wedding of the Messiah-PDF