By: Frank Guasto

WOULD YOU BELIEVE that for the better part of 2000 years the church has fallen victim to much doctrinal error. History tells us that a great amount of it has been created by the Roman Catholic Church and the so called early church fathers. Error has been added to error, some intentional, some not, and what we have ended up with is a combination of man made religions mixed together with the word of Elohim, (God) and this Elohim hates. Remember ! Yeshua (Jesus) warned that many false prophets would appear, deceiving many. So what is the TRUTH ? How can we know ? We will all stand before the judgment seat of Yeshua! We shall be JUDGED not by our sincerity in what we have always believed through careless assumption, nor by our sincerity in following any teaching without proof ! We shall be judged by the BIBLE, the word of Elohim! It is conceivable that because of the passing of time a false sense of security has set in, and somehow, we are now insulated from the warnings of Yeshua, Shaul (Paul) and other true followers of Messiah. May I make mention that His word stands forever and His word is forever settled in heaven. May I make mention that 1Thes 5:5 tells us that those who are not in darkness are children of the light. (Torah---YHWH’S instructions) Do not be complacent, do not be in the dark as some are in the dark, and be sure that you have oil in your lamps.

Each of us on a daily basis is faced with choices. Do we really do the best we can to make the right choice? Would you not agree that when making a decision, it should be preceded by prayer, intelligent study and inquiry ? Many times we have adequate and appropriate information to make a sound decision, but for some reason we choose to do the opposite of what logic and reason seems to dictate. Why is this? I believe the main reasons that impairs our ability to make a right choice comes from fear of change, the unknown, and from the fear of causing a disturbance in the traditional status quo.

Making a clear and proper choice must first be supported by truth. Not my truth, not, Einstein’s truth but YHWH‘S (LORD‘S) truth. This truth is contained in His holy word, Torah (1st 5 books of the Bible). Now many of our Christian brethren will say they want to obey YHWH’S word, and from my perspective I believe they really do. The problem starts (short version) when we tell them that we have been studying Torah, this, to a get deeper and clearer understanding of scripture. We explain that this can best be achieved by going back to the beginning, back to the original blueprint which is in the Hebraic roots. The immediate noticeable reaction we mostly observe of our friends are glazed eyes, a frozen stare, and a mental wall that you can see being constructed called “Are they in a cult or becoming Jewish? …Also…. could it be that they are now moving into legalism, and could it be that they may now see us as not having salvation? Are they abandoning the Brit Chadashah (New Testament) and going back to the legalism of the Tenach (OT) that is no longer in effect ? How can they not remember that the Tenach has been replaced by the Brit Chahashah through what Messiah Yeshua has done?” On occasion I have also sensed that our friends feel threatened, as though we feel that we are in some way privileged and think that we are spiritually superior to them. We certainly do feel blessed in the midst of our endeavor to seek the truth, and on many occasions finding it, but we do not believe we are in any way spiritually superior to our friends.

My wife and I are non-Jews who are believers in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) who along with our friends, John and Judy Johnson have embarked on a wonderful journey with Yeshua in what is known as the Messianic Movement. We met John and Judy about 6 years ago in our Sunday School class. They were both "saved" as children in the 1950’s and baptized by immersion in protestant denominational churches, and later (1969-70) became involved in lay ministry by teaching, serving and supporting the work of the "Kingdom." John served as a staff Pastor for seven years in a fairly large "non-denominational" Word of Faith church. Judy was involved in a number of ministries over the years and from our perspective they are totally dedicated servants of YHWH.

Cindi came from an Evangelical church background and I was of Catholic persuasion. We both dedicated our lives to our Savior at an Assembly of God Church on August 2, 1982. I was baptized as a baby in the Catholic Church but when I truly came to know our Savior I was baptized once again but this time I was fully aware of my commitment. We were thoroughly blessed to have been able to be baptized in the Jordan River in Yisrael on December 1, 1983. Since that time we have been involved in various church ministries.

Nearly two years ago the four of us came to know one another better and became increasingly more intimate and we independently began to sense a real need as well a desire to know the deeper things of YHWH. Actually, our desire was then and still is intense and we know without a shadow of a doubt that this is driven by the Ruach Ha Kodesah (Holy Spirit). We were definitely brought together by the Ruach Ha Kodesh. About one year prior to all of this happening we told John and Judy of a Condo by us that was for sale. They purchased it and are now our neighbors, two doors away. We started sharing information and our deepest concerns. We have been back and forth from each others condo wearing a path in the sidewalk between our units. How we came together was neither planned nor expected and some of the experiences we have shared in these most recent times have been quite unusual in a wonderful sort of way. We anticipate more of the same!

In our enthusiasm to get closer to YHWH and understand His Torah (instructions) we collectively agreed to attend a “Derek Prince Conference” in Charlotte N.C. It was a conference having to do with “Yisrael In the Last Days.” It was life changing for us all. It was the catalyst that delivered us unto an eye opening experience that has been ongoing. Even before all of this occurred, we little by little and surely but surely felt a leading of YHWH’S Spirit drawing us out of the “CHURCH SYSTEM. The “SYSTEM” that we refer to is the System that has over time embraced a doctrine of increasing grace while at the same time a diminishing importance of the commandments (YHWH’S instructions). We have seen a shift in the focus of the Church System. Many in the System have put aside YHWH’S sound scriptural doctrines and His call for obedience and are replacing them with an expansion of easy grace in order to achieve numbers to meet rising payrolls and building costs. Clever secular marketing techniques are being employed to help increase church growth, and I fear at the expense of the building of the Body of Messiah. This secular growth strategy will most likely enhance the church social environment and may even take care of operating cost concerns but appears to be at the expense of dear and faithful church members that want to build the body, not the building. When the Church seeks to do YHWH’S works in its own ways it has embraced a method which is secular and it then becomes an abomination to YHWH. We can no longer in good conscience continue in this direction.

The commandments of YHWH that we are to observe but have been neglecting are the “The Festivals of YHWH” and “Sabbath Day”. We are to honor them and keep them “Set Apart” (Holy). These times and dates were NEVER eliminated by YHWH. They are His times and dates to be observed forever. There is NOTHING in all of scripture that mandates or suggests that we observe Sunday or the First Day as the day of worship. There is plenty to say about the former. Yeshua always observed Sabbath and the Festivals, and CHRISTIAN’S DO NOT ! These are two of the main reasons ( there are more ) that I can no longer identify with the Christian church and their beliefs system. I believe that we are all aware that Christmas and Easter have Pagan origins that we have been party to for as long as we can remember. These are two of several items that we will be working out in our personal lives as YHWH gives us direction.

By reading and listening to instruction coming from the “Messianic Movement” we have been blessed by obtaining a deeper understanding of scripture through Hebraic roots teaching. This merely means, going back to and learning the pure and original meaning of what YHWH has said from the beginning. We are not locked in to the messianic movement or any other movement, but are instead on a search for truth. It is the proper understanding of the truth of scripture that is important. Truth is truth, whatever the source.

The Messianic movement as we have observed definitely has its problems, some call it the “The Messy Movement”. We have seen differences in the movement that swing all the way from a moderate liberalism to a hardened legalism. There are differences in this movement as there are in the church system, and YHWH by His Ruach (Spirit) is shaking us and also shaking the movement. The shaking as it applies to us are putting aside some false teachings that we have believed and embraced over the years, (examples to follow later on) and have also taught during the church experience. .

We are now experiencing things that we had never imagined. We are being faced with challenges that have brought us even to the point of shedding tears. We have had feelings of being betrayed by our leaders and also feeling guilty of doing likewise. How do we come to grips with laying down so many of the things we have held on to for so long? YHWH is so good! We have been divinely moved to repentance, prayer, thanksgiving and rejoicing like never before, and we are restructuring our commitment to scriptural truth. Through the leading of The Helper we have grown in respect and in love for one another although from time to time we have had some serious disagreements. We are still in our search, we do not have all of the answers, we are still trying to sort things out, but we are convinced that we are on the right course. Does this mean that we are abandoning everything that has been so dear to us for so long? As Shaul (Paul) would say “Heaven Forbid!” Our families and our friendships are very dear to us and it would not be our mind to drive a wedge between us. We instead prefer to build a bridge between our family, and friends, and hope and pray that they will allow us to share our beliefs with them. We pray for our motives to be pure, and that our intentions be honorable and to hold no animosity toward anyone who does not agree with our view. YHWH has blessed us with our family and our friends. We will love them ALWAYS.

Do we believe in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) and that through faith in His sacrifice, His shed blood and His resurrection that we have eternal life? ABSOLUTELY! The name of Jesus is the name that we acknowledged at salvation. It was precious to us then and remains to be so. Nonetheless, we must announce that we have come to a realization and a personal belief that Yeshua is a proper rendering of His personal name and look to honor that name as the Spirit of YHWH leads. The world around, a person is known by his/her own name. By getting back to the former things (Torah) we are TESHUVAH (bringing ourselves back, repenting, returning) to the true roadmap to eternal life. The importance of observing Torah is not for receiving salvation for we know of that. With the Torah (YHWH’S instructions) we have the foundation for Spirit led ability to persevere and endure to the end. To be able to lead a life of faith, to be strengthened by our walk of obedience to our Creator and to know that we will receive ALL the blessings and not the curses, and to be held safe in the shadow of the wings of the Almighty.

He has promised, not to take us out of this world but to deliver us from the evil one. Today is the Day Of Preparation ! We are sharing these truths with others because we believe them in our hearts, but even more importantly, scripture is revealing end day developments as never before. “Watch the Fig Tree.” Observe the movement of the House of Yehudah (Judah) and the gathering of the ten lost tribes The House of Ephraim (Yisrael) of which we gentiles are included. They are coming together as one, and thus all Yisrael will be saved.

Remember ! The faith of the apostles and saints was built on the ancient Holy Scriptures referred to in Acts 17:11 and 1Tim 3:15-16. There are many other verses in the Brit Chadashah to support this same fact! YHWH’S word has never changed and will never change. He says so over and over again. For quite a long time while being taught in the Christian church I have experienced many areas of difficulty, when trying get one part of scripture to agree with another. I have come to find that others I have met share this same frustration. In Christian teaching much fragmentation exists. HERE IS WHAT I mean by this. Many times doctrinal views are formed on the basis of one, two or three verses, thus leaving one to assume or accept certain doctrines that we do not fully understand or are unable to explain. SO….why is this? Much of it is due to our tendencies (even though they may be unintentional) to incline our thinking to include only scripture that is in agreement with our preconceived denominational and or personal views. As much as the church preaches against this, it seems to be either helpless in getting out of its own way or is totally unaware that this phenomenon is alive and gaining momentum. From this, we all suffer, as truth cannot be established without first laying aside our personal biases (not our brains) and take heed to the full counsel of Elohim (God). We must return to the foundational principles that YHWH has laid out for us in His word that is from the beginning. Over this period of time the church has strayed so far from the truth of the original teachings that when truth is reintroduced to them it is received as scriptural perversion. Go figure !

Let me be perfectly clear. I do not wish in any way to appear rude, arrogant or impatient, but for your benefit as well as mine I initially refuse to engage in any arguments based solely on opinion, yours, mine or anyone else’s. If you REALLY are looking for truth --D‘varim 30:14 (Deuteronomy) you have the ability and I hope the burning desire to do your own research in the Holy Scriptures as well as from other sources as you are led to them by the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit). It seems right to me that if I see something that I consider to be in error, it should be brought into the light. I trust that you would agree that it would be your responsibility to confirm, question or deny what is presented to you. It would be unproductive to engage in any discourse unless we work toward truth supported by scripture, otherwise we both will be entering into an exercise in futilely. NOW! Once truth has been established in me or you, body soul and spirit, it becomes an individual responsibility to make an informed decision (A CHOICE). Will our choice be on the side of truth, or on the side of conformity to tradition? Come, let us reason together.

Please do not place yourself in a position where anyone or anything can intimidate you and keep you in bondage. You have the Spirit of YHWH, and please remember that it is YHWH who establishes truth in you by His Ruach (Spirit) and by His Word. NOT MAN’S ! Abraham, (nor Shaul also see Gal 1:11 through 2:1) had no mentor except YHWH, and he believed YHWH and crossed over (Hebrew) by faith and it was credited to him for righteousness. Abraham was a gentile who crossed over from the nations into the belief of His Elohim. A little background on the word Hebrew follows.

HEBREW comes from the word Abar (havar) its root word meaning to- Passover, or to crossover.

Abar is an agricultural term and YHWH referred to things in agriculture to explain His ways to us in everyday practical terms that we could relate to. There were things that applied to everyday life experiences, that our lives are rooted in. This is why you do not have to be a theological giant to understand what YHWH wants to reveal to us . He placed things in His creation and in His word, and agriculture was a main vehicle that YHWH used as a means of establishing concepts relative to His thinking. YHWH planted His word into natural things in order that we may better understand His thinking, things that are in Hebrew thought, idioms and expressions. Again, the word is very nigh unto thee, in thy mouth, and in thy heart, that thou mayest do it .

In the following I am making references to several areas of error (there are more) that have existed in the Christian church for close to two thousand years. I will make the statement, then I will lead you to scripture verses (you may be aware of others) that are commonly used by the church to support these beliefs. I may ask you to read the chapter before and after wherever I believe it to be necessary, and continue to do your best to read not only the specific verses shown but for context also read other verses that you see to be relational.

1. The law has been done away with or altered because of the shed blood of Yeshua. (Mat 5:17, Gal 2:16, Col 2:14)


2. Sabbath has been done away with or transferred to another day. (Acts 20:7 &1Cor 16:2)


3. The Festivals of YHWH (Passover, Feast of Unleavened Bread, Head of the Harvest, Pentecost and the Feast of Booths have been done away with. (2Cor 5:17)


4. Physical circumcision has been done away with. (Ro 2:28 thru 4:1, 1Cor 7:18-19 Gal 5:6 & 6:15, Col 3:11 and more)


5. Christmas & Easter are times approved by YHWH.  (Acts 12:4)


6. Easter SUNday is the resurrection day of Yeshua. (Mt 28:1, Mk 16:1-2, Lk 24:1 & Jn 20:1)


7. SUNday services and communion as it is practiced is ordained by YHWH. (1Cor 11:17-34 …Read also-- 1Cor 10:1-33)


8. The dietary laws are no longer in effect. (Mat 15:17-20, Mark 7:18-20, Ro 14:14 &20, Acts 10:9-16, Col 2:16-17, 1Tim 4:3-5; Should read chapters before and or after for context and continuity.)


YHWH has not done away with, nor has He changed His mind or His covenant with His people. He is one (echad) there is none other. He does not change , He is the same yesterday, today and forever. YHWH is a Elohim (God) of mercy and judgment. If it were to be that only mercy was extended, we would have anarchy and if only judgment were present we would have oppression. Mercy and judgment working together establishes truth…

Yeshayahu 16:5 (Isaiah) And in mercy shall the throne be established: and he shall sit upon it in truth in the tabernacle of David, judging, and seeking judgment, and hasting righteousness.



Frank Guasto