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What in the “world” is going on?

Who is to gain from a massive population vaccination plot… who’s getting paid for the provision of product and services? Why do the patent holders and investors specifically involved in starting this fear and pandemonium event (and who will supposedly provide the “cure” vaccine) get to block their competitors (proven available alternative medicines)?


Why are these “preferred vaccine suppliers” being allowed to bypass the necessary double-blind proof studies that all other medicines must pass? Why are hundreds, if not thousands of highly qualified experts in the medical fields being censored and not allowed to post disagreeable opinions on social media (fakebook and YouTube, for example).

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Commemorating Holocaust Remembrance Day - Yom HaShoah Series I

I (Bob Ward) was inspired to do a series of holocaust artwork some years back to be a constant reminder of what the Jewish people have had to suffer and continue to do so as anti-semitism spreads and grows. Jerusalem is still the ‘Apple of God’s Eye’ and the Jewish people are still His “Chosen People”.
A Chosen People because of God’s forever covenant with them. We are to be in continued prayer and to be a blessing over and to Israel as the number one absolute sign of the “End of Days.” Continue reading "Commemorating Holocaust Remembrance Day - Yom HaShoah Series I"

Yom HaShoah Series II 1945 Victory and The Release of the Holocaust Survivors.

Yom HaShoah

Yom HaShoah- also known as Holocaust Memorial Day – is a remembrance day to commemorate the six million Jewish people who died during the Holocaust. It is usually celebrated on the 27th day of the Hebrew month Nisan – which is around April or May in the Gregorian calendar. However, if the 27th day is either adjacent to the Jewish Sabbath, then it may be moved a day.

When is Yom HaShoah?

This year (2020) April 21 (Tuesday)
Last year (2019) May 1 (Wednesday)
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Series III Reclaiming the Homeland

The artist’s images in this series portrays Israel’s struggle for existence. From time immemorial, as far back as their captivity in Egypt, under bondage of the cruel Pharaoh's, until this very day… Antisemitism has forced Israel to look to their only hope… the God of Israel YHWH (Yahweh).

No matter how the evil plot against Israel is pressed… YHWH has seen to it that HIS Chosen people’s survival is more certain than the success of the evil schemes against them… These images each tell a story; if you study them and listen to the Spirit of God, you can hear the message they present. Continue reading "Series III Reclaiming the Homeland"

Series IV Israel Arrives as prophesied

Jeremiah 31:1-17 "When that time comes," says ADONAI, "I will be God of all the clans of Isra'el, and they will be my people."
Here is what ADONAI says: "The people escaping the sword found favor in the desert I have brought Isra'el to its rest."

From a distance ADONAI appeared to me, [saying,] "I love you with an everlasting love; this is why in my grace I draw you to me.
Once again, I will build you; you will be rebuilt, virgin of Isra'el. Once again, equipped with your tambourines, you will go out and dance with the merrymakers Continue reading "Series IV Israel Arrives as prophesied"

The “Quicksand” of Progressivism and Spiritual Blindness.

The destructive practices of progressive leftists and their push for socialism, at any cost, is clearly one of the two “Clear and Present” dangers attacking the sovereign opportunity pillars of liberty and personal freedoms, upon which our once great Nation of America was established, both of which have been the envied hope of the entire world… America has not been perfect, but it has no equal. The leftist determination to distort American History knows no limit; it is one of the main thrusts of their effort to rewrite the past as well as misinform us in the present.

The second destructive force is the leftists-progressive’s relentless effort to eliminate the Nation’s Spiritual Foundation, with their attack on everything moral and Biblical. Continue reading "The “Quicksand” of Progressivism and Spiritual Blindness."

What does it mean to "sacrifice children to Molek?"

The Illinois Democrat majority corruption alliance, now pushing ever increasing diabolic evil, has this summer passed over the line into "in your face" blood lust that surely will bring divine response... their fervor of passion in support and effort to expand the horrid practice of infanticide is nowhere more calloused than in the legislature of the State of Illinois... with our Democrat Governor pushing the effort. Continue reading "What does it mean to "sacrifice children to Molek?""

How Should "True Believers," following Biblical instruction, respond to reprehensible social behavior by "Pastors" of the Church

The month of June has been declared "National Pride Month," yielding celebrations and pagan festivities across the nation. Knowing what the Bible clearly instructs followers of Yeshua (Jesus Christ) to understand, and clearly refrain from socializing with, and avoid joining fellowship with persons who practice sinful and morally corrupt, anti-God rebellion and shameful habits... How should we react to news that "Pastors" indulge these events that glorify demonic and evil practices? Continue reading "How Should "True Believers," following Biblical instruction, respond to reprehensible social behavior by "Pastors" of the Church"

Why all the “Global” illegal migration, push for Socialism, and attacks on Nationalism?

Do you think there is a Global Consortium that pulls the “strings” on this world-wide puppet show? Why do these powers want “open borders,” and blended sociologically/multi-cultured populations… with “hive mind” thinking that these same powers want to control, and make dependent upon them? Why are they so strongly against independent thinking and nationalism? Does the world-wide business picture look “Globalist” as well? Do you think the “Rich Men” of the Globalist have a common interest in an Elite Controlled Society that has “a plan” working that cements their Political and Economic interests? Continue reading "Why all the “Global” illegal migration, push for Socialism, and attacks on Nationalism?"

When Will the Second Coming of Yeshua (Jesus) Be?

How much thought have you given to the second coming of the Messiah Yeshua, Jesus of Nazareth. Many people in the past have tried to do very complicated calculations and make projections as to the second coming of the Messiah. One famous person, Isaac Newton, spent years of his life working on this very issue. Most of these researchers seem to mean well, although some, most likely do not. However, if you believe in Bible Scriptures and you believe that the God of Israel is true to His word, and you really believe that Yeshua-Jesus is the Messiah, then you must certainly have some kind of an opinion on this subject of the second coming. Continue reading "When Will the Second Coming of Yeshua (Jesus) Be?"