The Israel of YHWH... Biblical Israel

Who Is Israel?
Commonwealth of Israel:

The "Commonwealth of Israel" (includes Ephraim, Judah, and the WhoSoEver Will) is a unique body of people (literally the "People of God") that are defined by God's Scriptures and they will be revealed as the "Redeemed of the Messiah" following the tumultuous events of the Last Days... which may be closer that most people think. Let us look at the "Israel of God" as the "faithful believers" who have all been "grafted onto" the Olive Tree the Apostle Paul describes in Romans 11:17-24. These include "natural branches" (Judah/Jews and returning House of Israel people) and "wild branches" (saved people of the nations). Yeshua is the "root and stem" or the vine/trunk of the tree and anyone coming into the Commonwealth of Israel can only be identified as part of the Israel of God by being grafted onto this tree. There is no separate tree for the "Jews" and another for the "Church." No, all are ONE in Yeshua our Messiah.  

The doctrines of "replacement theology," and "dispensational law and grace; I.E., Old Testament vs New Testament times, are not true Bible teachings... sadly, they are the fabrications of institutional religion and doctrines of men. Misinformation is the roots of confusion and is what is battled against in "spiritual warfare." Here is a "profile" that generally describes the Commonwealth of the faithful, and this is one of the most misunderstood issues in the Bible:  

“From the beginning YHWH (Yahweh God of Israel) has only had ONE people with whom He made a covenant, and with whom He refers to making a new (renewed) covenant with; those people were (and are) called “Israel.” They are identified (yesterday, today and forever) as those who embrace Torah (keep His Commandments as Yeshua taught), love YHWH (and in the “renewed covenant” receive His Son Yeshua the Messiah and His blood sacrifice for salvation), and are joined by faith to the Commonwealth of ONE PEOPLE… Israel. This is not a “church,” “nation,” “bloodline,” or “political” people… IT IS A FAITH PEOPLE as was Abraham counted righteous because he "believed" God (Gal 3:6-9). There will be some “nation” Jews included, some “bloodline” Jews and Israelites included, and there will be some “gentiles” included, known as “companions” according to the Scriptures (Eze 37:15-28). Most of the “Israelites,” or the scattered seed of the Northern Kingdom (Israel, 10 tribes), and “their companions,” are today, for the most part, scattered in among the Christian Churches worldwide (they are people, not “churches”)… and are being called out and back to their Hebraic faith roots... Torah is the substance of this truth.”

God makes Salvation (on His terms) available to "WhoSoEver" will come with a surrendered mind and heart, honest and genuine repentant conviction, and willingness to walk faithfully in agreement with His Word. Such a person is what the Bible calls a "new creation."

It should be noted that the two houses of Israel are often referred to as "Judah" and "Ephraim." The "House of Israel," often means "Ephraim," and when including "Judah," the Bible normally says "Whole House of Israel," or "House of Jacob." "Judah" (Southern kingdom, is the Tribe of Judah, and includes the Tribe of Benjamin and some Levites); principally, is the environs in and about Jerusalem and Judea. To be accurate, "Jews" are the Southern Kingdom people; we often see "Jews" defining all the people of the past and present Israelite composite. This lack of distinction will confuse the meaning of Prophetic and historic facts. "Ephraim," or "House of Israel," is the 10 Northern Tribes (who are NOT "Jews"), which are often referred to as the "lost 10 Tribes."