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One of the missions of this website is to give the serious TRUTH seeker a "base" from which to work towards a sound Biblical understanding, that is in agreement with what GOD (YHVH/Elohim) says in HIS WORD... which must be believed over and above any contrary (opposing) views that men, religions, churches and any other institutional doctrines teach.

GOD'S TRUTH will confront the intellectual reasoning and spiritually bankrupt condition of the world's thinkers, leaders and rulers, as well as the disobedient mind set of the simplest of men... God's Truth is above education, opinion, majority rule, government law, and any other order that opposes it or attempts to restructure it to suit its/their own interest.

Oddly enough, there are those who are so confused with the value of their own opinions that they believe the WORD OF GOD is a subjective matter, and fail to recognize that GOD has not endowed them with the authority to judge HIS DIVINE Utterance as to whether or not it satisfies their thinking, or compares favorably with another view.

GOD'S WORD is absolute TRUTH; no challenge can stand against it for guidance in the "real believer's" life. It is the ONLY guideline a true believer can embrace if they have a solid and unshakable heart conviction to love and obey YHVH. There is no exception to this YHVH breathed fact. HIS WORD is the truth and it is unalterable.

When one observes that men's teachings do not agree with the Bible in its full CONTEXTUAL and "unfiltered" teaching (especially as written in its original text and from the Hebraic mind's point of cultural view) then that one, if a TRUTH seeker, must decide which position they must embrace. GOD has not provided any "neutral" or "middle" ground. One must decide whether they will believe and obey GOD or the powers and philosophies of this world.

TRUTH MUST BE PURE. Any fractionalized or distorted version of TRUTH is a lie. A lie can come in many forms. TRUTH can have no "partial" impure components... otherwise, how would you know which part was true?

TRUTH is Eternal... if GOD said something was true, a fact, a statute, an ordinance, a law, or HIS commandment... then HE means that is that same value, meaning and instruction every time the same subject comes up.

When GOD says something is "forever," how long do you think it must apply to your person? TRUTH and forever, in the Bible, do not change from Genesis to (and through) Revelation. Men have always redefined the Bible's teachings, fragmented its teachings (with sound byte, out-of-context applications of HIS WORD), and have outright twisted its TRUTH for their own interest. Time is running out, and GOD'S time clock is about complete. What will you do with GOD'S TRUTH? YOU (all of US) will answer "INDIVIDUALLY" for how you/we handled the Bible's teachings. We will NOT be given a "pass" because we thought the local church or its pastor, or a doctrine of a great religion was right... and we were misled.

WE ALONE must search out the TRUTH for our own self. GOD has provided the BLOOD of Yeshua (Jesus) to SAVE US and the "great teacher" the SPIRIT of TRUTH (the Ruach HaKodesh, the Holy Spirit) to "teach" us. TRUTH can only be satisfied by accepting it and embracing its absolute application to our thinking, talking, walking and living. If you are not seeking and following the TRUTH... you ARE NOT prepared to die... you ARE NOT ready to face the GOD of Judgment for your deeds.

I pray you will NOT fear the TRUTH in the teachings on these ministry websites... they are for your eternal soul's refreshing and deliverance from the "system" which the Bible calls the "kingdom of darkness," (realm of death). Coming out of "system" religion is not easy, it is however, necessary. AND, coming out of "system" religion is not abandoning your family or friends... on the contrary, it is your new lifestyle of becoming a loving, sincere and faithful witness to them; otherwise HOW WILL THEY get the message of YHVH's truth?

If you are a TRUTH seeker, you will brave your way into the challenging teachings of these websites, as they are offered for your benefit... you MUST be willing to open your heart, mind and Bible and let the Holy Spirit (not the spirit of fear) show you the TRUTH.

TRUTH will bring you more grace, joy and peace than you have ever known heretofore. Yeshua said, "the TRUTH shall set you free." In those days, like today, the bondage they were in was not a physical jail, it was a religious system... and His WORD says, "come out of her my people." "Her" is the religious systems of the world (any religious group that fails to embrace GOD'S perspective in the TOTAL Bible is a religious system), and they will attempt to hinder the TRUTH until Yeshua comes. That, of course is what the devil (Satan) is in business to do; he is at the core of anything that dilutes, opposes, or questions YHVH's Word... remember that is his first appearance in the Bible.

What will you do, will you seek the TRUTH or will you fearfully avoid a dialogue with deep spiritual truth that will challenge your status quo? Are you afraid to look deep into the WORD of YHVH; (Yeshua is the WORD/John 1:1-14). You need not ever fear HIS TRUTH. You MUST trust GOD'S WORD.

We pray that you love and trust Yeshua enough to obey HIM, and diligently search the Bible for TRUTH regardless of what method "the spirit of fear" may try to use to hinder your search, especially if due to people's opinions and challenges, as they question your quest for TRUTH outside institutional church “tradition” and "man made" religious doctrine.

Shalom, and may the peace of Yahweh's presence be felt in your heart this very moment.

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