The Appointed Times... The Feast of YHWH

Shavuot / Pentecost
It's meaning and significance to Believers...

Pentecost has long been taken as a nominal date on the Christian's calendar (given much less attention than their Easter and Christmas celebrations), often marked in Church bulletins on "Pentecost Sunday," with the symbol of a descending Dove (sometimes looking as if it were doing a nose dive from the sky with a streak or "trail" to give it an appearance of falling). Pentecostals (in some groups) embrace the date more emotionally as it is the pivotal event that they see as the core of their spiritual "baptism"  which they view as setting them apart from those who do not share their "tongues" experience... and this can be a very divisive issue between them and others. Is Pentecost simply the "Church's" definitive date of its so called "beginning" of the Christian Church; their departure from the Jews traditions and beliefs, and a whole new era where God is now heading off in a separate new direction (which they call the new dispensation)? Is this all that there is?

Fortunately, for the serious Believer of the Bible's true teaching of Pentecost, it is truly one of  the Father's Moedim (appointed times, see Lev Chapter 23) for all Believers to do a "heads up" and get a real Biblical understanding of what Pentecost is about and how it fits into His plan to keep us focused on the coming King of Glory, the Messiah. Pentecost is the "parallel" spiritual event to the giving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai; both said to have happened on the same Biblical Calendar date. The "Torah Word" was the first event and the "Holy Spirit" outpouring was the second event... both inseparable and necessary for living the faithful "Messiah" like lifestyle YHVH desires for all believers.

The link below is an excellent reference for ALL truth seekers who want to be refreshed with the correct Biblical meaning of Pentecost... and it reminds us of the value of understanding God's Word in its Biblical context. The Author appears to use the "Sunday after" date (first Sunday, "morrow after the Sabbath," Lev 23:10-16) for starting "the counting of the Omer," for setting the date for Pentecost (there are at least three views), however it is important that you not get caught up  in the calendar dates issue... an issue you need to study and pray about for the Father's leading. That issue does not affect the contextual teaching of the meaning of Pentecost and the Biblical relevance it has for YOUR life... which is the central issue. May the teaching bring you much understanding and may it enrich your walk with Yeshua.

Link to Article: Shavuot / Pentecost (by Natan Lawrence)